About Us

Help support our 2024 Dental mission: October 19-26, 2024

DDS International, is a non-profit faith based organization that was formed to help the less fortunate in Guatemala by relieving pain, treating oral disease, and helping people feel better about themselves.  Our volunteer team is comprised of dentists, dental students,  and a support staff of assistants, hygienists and interpreters from both countries.  Each of these volunteers donate their time and pay their own expenses to accomplish this mission.

Dentist’s Donating Services, International (DDS, Int.) is a duly formed, not for profit, nonstock corporation holding public charity status, classified as exempt from Federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Code.

We promote and establish humanitarian, religious, and social services including education, food, and dental services to those who have none.

Donations given to the work of DDS, Int are considered deductible by the Federal Government of the United States.

Get to Know Us


Our Mission is to provide free dental care to help the people that we serve. We do this in many ways.


Starting in 1998, we came to Guatemala with one purpose: to be a help to the people. Follow us through the years.


In addition to free dental care, we also provide food and supplies to the people there who are in need.


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